Putting Digital Printing to Work for Your Label Needs

Digital Printing Used For Bubble Bath And Cannabis Packaging And OthersSwitching from other label printing technologies to digital printing is considered to be an excellent solution by most companies that decided to make the change in order to keep up with market trends.

The process comes with numerous benefits and helps companies achieve their cost reduction goals in many ways – here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Reduced costs and turnover times by the elimination of printing plates – more traditional printing technologies transfer the data to be printed to a plate that is introduced into the printing machine.
    • Digital printing skips this step, which shortens printing time and reduces the related costs as well;
  • Suitable for printing smaller quantities – traditional printing machines take quite long to set to produce labels of the expected quality and this feature makes them more suitable for large printing jobs. Digital printing is suitable for printing small quantities such as cannabis packaging labels Colorado now produces without producing waste, therefore it is a great solution for small or medium companies;
  • More flexibility allows for more varied labels – with digital printing, you can use seasonal labels or you can use a new label each time you introduce a promotion without having to worry about increased fees charged for printing the new materials.