Pushing the Limit What Can’t You Do with A Beer Label Design

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Beer producers all around the world are in constant competition with each other to capture the attention of costumers. This desire to stand out may lead to certain actions which may, in fact, push the limits of what can be done with a beer label design.  Some of the best digital printing Denver companies have the newest technologies in printing and designing beer labels.

One thing is certain: you should never put untrue or misleading statements on your beer label. The statement can be considered false in case it omits certain important details.

Improper, unreliable tests or guarantees are also to be avoided. In case consumers can be deceived, or mislead, such information should definitely not be used on a beer label design.

Names and likeliness of famous persons are not to be put on a beer label, either. Puns related to famous people are still not accepted, as they are surely to cause your beer labels to be rejected by the official authorities.

American flags, or any kind of seals, symbols or insignias related to a certain country or nation, cannot be put on a beer label. The term “bonded”, or any other term which may suggest that the beer production was supervised by Government authorities, are strictly forbidden also. At the same time, medically-related statements cannot be included on a beer label design.