Pros And Cons Of Piggyback Labels

Piggyback Labels Uses

Piggyback labels are a type of multilayer labels. They are obtained by combining two layers (the bottom layer forms the back of the upper one). They can be applied on any product, allowing users to remove the top layer and apply it on another medium. They communicate interactively and have various uses:

  • when it is necessary to transfer the label to another medium: promotions, feedback envelopes, product registration, inventory systems, transport returns etc.
  • for imported products where translation of the label is required in several languages
  • for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products

Benefits of using piggyback labels on your products

  • Multilayer labels provide additional space for information exposure
  • The information of the product can be easily transferred somewhere else
  • This solution adds value to your product
  • Piggyback labels are suitable for any surface (cardboard, metal, plastic), being designed with special adhesive, and adapted to extreme conditions: difficult surfaces, temperature and humidity.
  • The top label may be smaller than the base label to be removed more easily

There are no cons of using piggyback labels, unless they are not suitable for your needs, in which case you might want to consider another type of label, more appropriate for the product you sell.