Products That Have Made a Splash With Their Packaging – Important Inspiration Sources for Packaging Your Products

Using Texture Labels Including Extended Label


There are a lot of products that have frequently been identified with their packaging over the years. Depending on whether you want to sell food products, jewelry, furniture items, electronics or anything else, it’s important to use the right packaging in order to make a powerful impact on your potential buyers.


One of the most iconic packaging you’ll ever come across is the bear-shaped package of honey bottles meant for children. Bears have been associated with honey since time immemorial, and kids love the idea that their favorite teddy bears are responsible for giving them one of the tastiest products they have ever had, they even include the extended content labels to list in detail information about the product.


Packaging doesn’t have to be too complicated to make an impact. The famous minimalist turquoise boxes from Tiffany & Co. have made an impact since 1878 with nothing more than a white ribbon to make them look classy. The color has often been associated with the popularity of turquoise jewelry, which is what many experts attributed to Tiffany’s success early on.


Electronics also have a common pattern to their packaging by including packaging choices featuring cool images of the electronic device in the box. Any electronics enthusiast will want to know as much as possible about the device even at a glance, so that packaging approach has always helped electronics manufacturers like Samsung, Apple and LG sell their products more efficiently.