Product Packaging Trends for 2020

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Packaging is an industry guided by trends, so here are some of the hottest trends to expect in 2020:

  • Smart packaging solutions – a product’s packaging no longer consists only of the wrapping material and some product-related information printed on the wrapping. The latest packaging trends include technology-enabled solutions, such as the use of QR codes, even of chips and embedded lights;
  • Prolonged lifespan for the products – many companies are working constantly to develop new materials that keep the packaged products fresher for longer;
  • Emotional appeal – packaging designs, especially those for CBD product label trends focus increasingly on the emotions and feelings associated with the products inside and this focus is likely to transform the visual elements displayed on product packaging;
  • Sustainability – new, eco-friendly packaging materials are very much sought for these days and we are likely to see even more of these innovative materials in 2020;
  • Vintage designs – more and more companies turn towards the fonts and visual components that bring back childhood memories or feature styles used a hundred years ago and the trend is likely to continue next year as well;
  • Portability – the pace of life is becoming quicker, which also means that we are consuming more of our food and beverages on the go and we prefer products that suit that need.