Product Packaging in the Cannabis Industry – What You Need to Take Notice of

Marijuana Packaing Labels

It’s hard enough to sell most products using catchy product packaging and labels. But when it comes to the cannabis industry, marijuana packaging Colorado products are even more difficult, since there’s so much of a stigma still associated with marijuana based products in many parts.


If you want your products to sell, you therefore have to prepare packaging that will not only make it clear to buyers that your product is of superior quality, but also calm them down enough to make them say to themselves, “yes, this is something I can buy right now.”


The main idea here is to take the observer’s mind off the fact that it’s a cannabis product you’re selling. If you have a large cannabis leaf painted on the package, or the word “cannabinoids” in bold letters, chances are some people will feel too shy to buy it. However, if you focus on displaying the name of the product next to a pretty logo, a relaxing photograph and /or a picture suggestive of health and stress-free living, that will probably be something that won’t trigger anyone, while still being subtly suggestive about the product’s origins.


Cannabis products can benefit greatly from creative packaging and suggestive calls to action, as well as the bold display of relaxing cues that will make shoppers feel at ease about buying them.