Product Packaging Ideas for the Holidays

digital merry christmas packaging ideas

The holiday sale season is one of the most important events for retail businesses. Even if they had a slow couple of months, they can make up for it during the Christmas and New Year period. To make sure that your products will draw customers, you must “dress” them in special packaging evoking the holiday spirit.


Here are a few simple and helpful ideas:


  1. Add a Label for Handwritten Notes

A simple and tasteful label with lines to allow writing a small note is one of the most effective ways to promote holiday sales. People want to make their gifts personal, by adding a few wishes and their name.


  1. Adopt Festive Colors and Themes

All brands find ways to integrate holiday themes into their packaging during the holiday season. Even if your brand colors are not red, green or white, you can find creative ways to include a snowman, Santa Claus, a Christmas tree or a wreath of holly in the packaging design.


  1. Use Creative and Sustainable Packaging Materials

A lot of people are put off by plastic packaging. They know that there is still a lot to do to recycle all plastic effectively and they do not wish to contribute to pollution. Thus, the packaging itself will determine their buying decision. Opt for original and sustainable packaging materials from a local digital printing Denver company, such as wax paper, fabric, or ethically sourced paper and cardboard.