Product Label Technology That Will Ensure That Your Label Stays Adhered to Your Product On the Shelf and Beyond

peel and reveal labels adhesives that work

Nowadays, adhesive labels are used in almost all economic sectors. To make sure that you label stays adhered to your product on the shelf and beyond, you will have to choose the right adhesive.

When choosing the label adhesive, you must keep in mind these following aspects:

  1. It is necessary to choose the stability and the degree of adhesion of the label to the surface, i.e. the adhesion. If the label is applied to a surface with a high roughness, you should opt for a types of rubber adhesive. If the label must be removed once the product was purchased, you should better use a label with an adhesive that is easy to remove without damaging the product.
  2. When choosing the adhesive, the temperature in the environment where the label is applied is also very important. Adhesion is affected by a low or high temperature, as well as by the humidity in the room.
  3. The temperature at which the label will be used is another extremely important factor that influences the choice of the adhesive. For example, the use of melted adhesive is recommended for frozen products, while acrylic adhesive works best for products and peel and reveal labels used at normal and high temperatures.