Preparing Your Business for Winter: Do Your Products Really Need Waterproof Labels?

Foil enhancementAs technology continues to advance, it’s not just the wealthiest of brands that can afford to add things like waterproof labels to their production chains. Production is being enhanced to a greater and greater extent every year, and in this day and age, even start-ups can create branding and labels that look and feel highly professional.


But why would you even need something like waterproof labeling? The idea is simple: once the winter arrives, your products will be exposed to temperature differences that can lead to condensation and freezing. That means ice and water droplets will form around the box or can as your products are refrigerated or kept in a warm, heated room. This will naturally not bode too well for your labels, which can easily be affected by increased moisture and temperature changes.


Waterproof labeling is great not just when your products are actually exposed to water, but also when this simple but important problem arises. With a waterproof label, you can rest assured that your customers can read everything you want them to see on your labels. Printing companies like Primeflex Labels Inc know exactly how this process works in delivering the best product label to you.  They will be informed of the products you are selling them, and the labels will look bright and shiny, even if they are greatly affected by adverse weather conditions, water or condensation.