News in the Colorado Manufacturing Industry

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According to the Department of Commerce, the manufacturing industry keeps growing at a steady pace. Since the recession, manufacturing output has increased with almost 40% in Colorado and keeps adding new jobs every year; this aspect, as well as the rate of population  growth in the state, puts manufacturing companies in the position to keep recruiting in order to fill vacant positions.

What is interesting to observe is that the manufacturing center of gravity tends to move from traditional areas (Pueblo and Colorado Springs) to the north: metro Denver area, Greeley and Fort Collins are seeing the manufacturing sector becoming more and more important. In metro Denver and in Greeley, it rose with almost 4% last year, while in Fort Collins it rose with over 6%.

Specialist identified that this year, the priorities for manufacturing companies in Colorado included cutting operational costs , seeking new markets and strategic planning for short term. In order to keep growing in the future, they must also focus on continuously improving their operational infrastructure.  Take for instance packaging companies looking to expand their flexible packaging options to help reduce cost for their clients which also helps the environment.

In 2018, sectors like high tech and construction supplies are expected to do better than others, but overall, specialists estimate that the manufacturing industry in Colorado will reach the production levels that used to exist before the recession.



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