Newest Trends In Label Printing Tech!


The global print market is extremely important, which, according to analysts, at the beginning of 2018 was worth over 900 billion dollars. The size of this segment is primarily due to the increased consumption and, implicitly, the demand for labels and all that means packaging.

Digital printing on packaging is experiencing the highest growth in the print industry more commonly used for marijuana labels Colorado and other states offer. The volume of digital printed packaging has doubled in recent years, and the market value has reached $19.8 billion, according to estimates from specialists in print, packaging and paper.

There is a series of key trends:

The inkjet will become the dominant digital technology. If, at present, digital printing is still largely done by electro photography with liquid toner or powder (widely used in label production), the inkjet will soon be used in most digital prints on packaging.

Digitally printed packaging will take the place of labels. Specialists estimates that by 2020 there will be six types of packaging: labels, corrugated cardboard, foldable, flexible, rigid plastic and metal packaging. The labels will continue to be used, but in the coming years the interest for corrugated cardboard and flexible packaging will increase.

Digital printing will directly influence the traditional prince. Online orders will be increasingly preferred, to the detriment of traditional purchases. Remote printer control (which involves a substantial cost reduction) will transform the business environment, making it more responsive.