New Trends in Packaging


2021 Packing Trends New Pouch Printing  Solutions

Packaging for products has evolved tremendously over the decades. From a basic container to protect the product to a marketing tool that attracts the customers’ attention, packaging has gone through various phases of transformation.


At the present, the most current trends in packaging are:


  1. Connected Packaging

The online and offline worlds meet in several points across the sale cycle. From digital and printed coupons to promotions available both on the ecommerce website and in the store, this connection grows stronger because customers demand it. In terms of packaging, you can offer your customers interactive experiences by adding a QR code that opens a specific web page where they can find out more details about the product, enter into a contest to win a prize, etc.


  1. Plastic-Free Packaging

Plastic pollution is a serious issue and for many people it is a conscious choice to avoid products packaged in plastic. This is why many companies resort to traditional packaging materials as well as innovative ones. Cardboard, hessian, wax paper and even plant based packaging are now in trends.


  1. Reinventing the Box

A lot of people prefer buying online, because it is more convenient for them. However, this robs them of the shopping experience they have in store. To recreate this, retailers have designed shipping boxes and sachet pouch printing that create the feeling of excitement to discover the contents. Unboxing experiences are the ecommerce equivalent of walking down the store aisles.