New Trends In Label Production

Content Labels Extended Label Trends

The packaging should be treated with as much care and attention as other forms of brand communication and should be tested in terms of design and performance, to verify how it works.

The trends of modernization in label production change from year to year, and the designs are increasingly efficient. Here are a few that we can currently identify.

Eco-friendly anti-labeling and packaging trend

Many companies have decided to implement the global “anti-labeling and packaging” trend that was initiated in 2017, and right now it is in total expansion. The combination of eco-friendly materials, such as cork and recycled cardboard violates many rules that existed before and goes beyond all barriers.

Clarity of the message

Long information written in small font on the labels belongs to the past. More and more powerful brands turn to concision and clarity. It is obvious that the attention of consumers has diminished, so today it is more important than ever for brands and designers to send a clear message, especially on product labels.  For certain types of products the extended content labels are still necessary and very helpful.

If we analyze the new trends in the industry of label design, it is clear that the market is increasingly adapting to consumers, who are the ones that now dictate the appearance, quality and design of the labels, packaging and product.