New Label Printing Technology and What It Can Do for Your Business

Printing TechnologiesWhen it comes to label printing technology, the tendency has always been to simplify the process and offer as many different options as possible, and that rings true, with the new cannabis packaging labels Colorado now produces. While that is no longer a problem with all the analog and digital printing options available on the market, choosing the right kind of printing press or digital printing technologies for your applications is now harder than ever.


The biggest problem is the sheer number of printing technologies available. While in the past, the choice between one technology or the other was much simpler, today we have everything from UV analog presses and the combination process press to digital printing devices that offer superior quality at a higher price. Many manufacturers are considering the shift to digital technology, but are still not sure, while others want to stick to their old presses.


However, new technologies have a way of sweeping through everything and changing the paradigm quite quickly. And the label printing industry is definitely not an exception to this rule.


Newer technologies are able to make better use of a large variety of colors, as well as different types of printing surfaces. These can include flexible packaging, tube laminates and folding cartons. While these options will offer you a greater degree of freedom, you will still need to do your research and decide precisely which printing technology is the best for your budget and preference, both in terms of its long term and short term use.