Most Popular Fonts For Product Packaging

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The unique professional visual identity of a company matters a lot for the success and performance of that company, whether it is small, medium or large. A well-designed corporate identity increases the credibility and quality of the provided services as well as the demand and sale of its products/ services. The original logo, font and colors of the company are elements that make it recognizable at first sight and appear on all custom packaging.

When you pick a font for creating a particular packaging for your product, you must first understand your audience. Many of the new marijuana packaging labels Colorado businesses create use unique fonts to catch the attention of their consumers.  Consider the message you send, the type of products you sell, as well as your target audience. If you look, for example, at sugar free soft drinks, you will notice that the fonts are different than those used on energy drinks packaging, because they simply suggest something different. Also, fonts used on product packaging destined for young people are different than fonts used for products aimed at older customers.

You must also consider the package dimensions, because some fonts are designed to have more visual impact than others. Your main objective is to create a clear product packaging, visible and legible.

Here are some of the most popular fonts for product packaging:

  • Helvetica is a clean classic font type that has withstood the test of time.
  • Telefon font type is a geometric Norwegian style sans serif font, designed for a wide range of possible uses on various surfaces and packaging textures.
  • Alio is a fun and playful cursive font, perfect for bright and bold packaging design.