Most Iconic Labels and Packaging Throughout History

When it comes to product packaging, some brands come to mind instantly – we all can mention at least two or three labels and packages that have become imprinted in our memory, label and package designs that use shapes, colors and lettering that are instantly recognizable and consistently linked to the product they are featured on. Product marketers from all industries are thriving to create such packaging and labels, so here are a few features shared by the most iconic labels and packaging designs:

  • Package shape – user-friendliness is key when it comes to the shape of the packaging. Many iconic brands became successful because they were brave enough to think outside the box and they got rid of traditional shapes in favor of enhanced usability;
  • A well-defined target group – men don’t resonate to the same shapes and colors as women, the shapes that younger buyers find intriguing are different from the designs that attract the older generations and the most successful packages and labels throughout history were always designed with the preferences of the target group in mind;
  • Recognizable symbols – using an iconic shape, such as a red, heart-shaped box or using cannabis packaging labels Colorado designers are creating these days will instantly inform customers about what’s inside. The best packages throughout history make use of such symbolism to create the mental link between package and product.