Modern Packaging Design Trends to Follow

Old Trends in Packaging

Out of the desire to meet consumers’ needs, packaging design trends are constantly changing, becoming one of the most exciting and dynamic sectors of the packaging industry. Specialists warn that certain trends are beginning to fade, so in the coming years we can forget about the packaging with excessive graphics and dull colors. The new packaging design trends are quite the opposite and here are some of their characteristics.

  • Simplicity

The minimalist style is observed in all design categories, so in the coming years we could see modern, minimalistic packaging, far from the classical, “old school” designs. White space begins to dominate the surface of the packaging, being surrounded by just a few colors and only the most relevant product information.

  • Experimental packages

Designers with a known Denver packaging company take on more and more creative risks and come with innovative packaging solutions, willing to test more and more boundaries

  • Sustainable packaging

As consumers become more aware of the impact of their purchases over the environment, more and more brands opt for organic packaging. Plastic (which is cheap and affordable) is slowly replaced with biodegradable materials such as paper, bamboo and glass. Researchers have already gone even further, by inventing sustainable packaging made from algae gel or even edible packaging solutions.


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