Mistakes Made On Product Packaging

Packaging And Marijuana Labels Colorado Produces

There are many mistakes people do on product packaging, with negative consequences such as misleading customers and even discouraging a purchase.

Here are the most common examples of bad packaging.

  1. Product packaging does not communicate the purpose of the product and customers who do not read the label (and most don`t!) end up being confused. Packaging needs to state clearly what the product is.
  2. Product packaging does not meet the eco-friendly requirements. There is a lot of emphasis on this aspect nowadays – and for a good reason. Therefore packaging should be recyclable and not generating unnecessary waste. Customers pay more attention than ever to these details, so the effort to be eco-friendly is not only responsible but it will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Particularly if you have an eco-friendly product, you will have to emphasize it via your packaging too.
  3. Product packaging is hard to open. This is a huge inconvenience that keeps customers away even from the greatest products. Basically, if you need something sharp to open the packaging, something is wrong in its design or execution.
  4. There is either too much or too little on the product packaging, as is the case with the marijuana labels Colorado and other states produce. In the first case, too many colors or photos can make the packaging hard to look at, while in the second case, there is too much wasted space that could have been used to your advantage.