Marketing Through Your Packaging

Cannabis LabelingMarketing through packaging is a promotional action consisting in the use of packaging as a main factor in promoting the image of a product.  It’s important when doing marijuana packaging labels Colorado businesses profit from, but not as important as other product labels.

The evolution of packaging technology, printing techniques, design and variety of materials allowed the development of advertising through packaging.

In the food sector, the influence of packaging on the consumers` perception of product quality is decisive. The nature of the packaging materials already communicates on the quality, nature, sustainability, efficiency or economy of the product. For example: glass, plastic – polyethylene, polypropylene), some metals (aluminum, white iron), paper, cardboard, various combinations etc. The value of the product is extensively communicated by the color coding of the packaging, by the label, the typographical signs used (logo, symbol), illustrations etc.

Considering the self-service in the large retail shops, merchandises are directly exposed to consumers; packaging is visible on the shelves and replaces the seller. It has, on the one hand, the function to attract the attention through form, size, color and illustration of the product and, on the other hand, to provide commercial information relating to the characteristics of the product, the warranty period or validity. The packaging allows advertising through text and image, which turns it into a great marketing tool.

Studies show that most of the decisions about purchasing new products in retail shops are made on the basis of packaging design.