Legal Requirements for CBD Labels – Ask Your Printing Company

Ask The Experts CBD Product Label Information

The hype around CBD products has grown recently, yet there are still laws and regulations in place that govern their manufacture, sale and distribution. Labels for CBD products need to clearly identify the product’s active ingredients, its THC content and the amounts of CBD and THC in the product. Printing companies need to be aware of these regulations and must ensure that any labels they create for CBD products are in compliance with them.

When you ask your printing company about legal requirements for a CBD product label, do not forget to give them the following details:

  • Ingredient list: All CBD labels must include a complete and accurate list of the product’s ingredients, including the amount of each individual active ingredient.
  • THC content: All CBD products must list the total amount of THC present, as well as its amount per serving.
  • Serving size: The total number of servings in the product, as well as the CBD content per serving, must be disclosed on all CBD labels.
  • Legality: It must be clearly visible that the product is a “supplement” or “food supplement”, and that the product will not make you feel high.
  • Warnings: Any CBD labels must also include the common warning statements required for all food supplement labels, such as “not suitable for pregnant women”, “consult your doctor before taking if you have existing medical conditions”, “keep away from reach of children” and so on.

Your printing company must also be aware of certain FDA requirements, such as not including any medical claims about the product’s health benefits and not making any false statements about the product’s ingredients or effects.