Label Textures Can Make A Difference

Cannabis Texture Labels


The colors, the shapes and the images that you use on your labels like some of the new cannabis labels Colorado printers make are all essential components that inform your buyers about what is inside the packaging and also attract the interest of your customers.

However, it is the texture of the label that will influence how your product feels when your customers hold the product in their hands.

Textured labels appeal to the buyers’ sight as well as to their sense of touching, so here are some tips about how to use label textures:

  • Foil enhancements – one of the ways to add elegance to your labels is to highlight some components of your label. The foil that you use can be matte or shiny, metallic, colored or transparent;
  • Embossing – the method of using embossed components on labels is preferred by the companies that manufacture and sell premium products and need very elegant labels;
  • Using contrasting varnishes – printing a matte label, then highlighting some of its elements with high-shine varnish is another great way to attract customer attention and a method that is the cheaper alternative to using foil;
  • Suitable for any product – whatever your product, there is surely at least one texturing solution that will help you distinguish your product from the competitors.