Label Application Issues: How to Prevent Common Label Defects


packaging design label adhesives peel back

The package is the first thing your customers look at before putting a product in the shopping cart. It must be clean, neat and attractive. One of the main issues with packages is the process of applying the label. In some cases they are not perfectly applied. They have wrinkles, air bubbles, or the adhesive is not sticking properly.


These issues can be solved by looking at the root problems. They are:


  1. The Container

When selecting the material and size for the labels, they must be 100% compatible with the container. If the label dimensions do not match the container, the final application will show an overlap or incomplete application. Also, the adhesive used for the peel back labels and labels must be recommended for the material the container is made of.


  1. The Environment Where Labels Are Applied

The temperature and level of moisture in the facility where labels are applied may cause them to peel off or become illegible. For instance, in the case of processed foods, labels are applied immediately after the cans are washed and sanitized. This means that the label and its adhesive must be recommended for wet application.


  1. Conveyor Belt Issues

Most of the processes involved in packing and labeling are automated. In this case, synchronization between the speed of the conveyor belt and the speed of the label roll can lead to improperly applied labels on your products.