Keeping Track of Laws Governing the Printing of Special Labels

Know The Facts CBD Product Label Contents



Using special labels for products that have particular requirements can be a difficult process. Aside from the specific information you have to keep track of, you also have to consider the laws associated with these products and their labels. In some cases, laws are very strict and they require you to design your labels with detailed guidelines in mind:


  • Food labels have very specific guidelines regarding the printing of ingredients and nutrient content. When you are planning to print these types of labels, you’ll have to pay special attention to the printing requirements, otherwise you could end up with a lot of legal problems on your hands.
  • Similarly to food products, the pharmaceutical industry has specific guidelines on label printing. You have to pay special attention when it comes to showing your product’s active ingredients, side effects and adverse effects specific to people with certain conditions. Also, if children or specific groups of people shouldn’t use your product, you’ll have to specify that as well.
  • CBD labels as well as other labels pertaining to edibles and products made from ingredients that are illegal in certain parts of the country are also likely to be highly regulated no matter where your operations are located. For cannabis labels in particular, there are guidelines not only on what you can and can’t print on the CBD product label, but also on the graphics and colors you are allowed to use.