Is It Difficult to Produce Labels for Frozen foods?

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The American Frozen Food Institute says that freezing food is like pressing nature’s pause button. Frozen food is affordable, safe, and fresh. Nevertheless, producing labels for frozen foods may not be that easy. But there are still good companies specializing in hard-to-do labels, such as frozen foods, etc.

Frozen foods have to meet all the requirements for FDA and USDA labels. All the frozen foods which USDA regulates have to contain certain specific information on their labels, such as the name of the product, a statement concerning the method of handling the product, an inspection legend, information about net weight, the list of ingredients, including all the potentially allergenic substances. Compared to the USDA label, the FDA label does not need to include handling-related information.

Many small businesses can be exempt from labeling regulations pertaining to the FDA. At any rate, depending on your specific labeling necessities, some materials may be more recommended than others. This is relevant because there are products with minimum temperature for application.

The label adhesive should be specially designed for cold temperatures; otherwise, it can lose its strength when temperatures go down. It is essential to know as much as possible about the item which will be labeled and the conditions it will be kept in.   It’s best to work with a printing company with experience in frozen food labels like that of