Is Custom Label Printing Always Necessary for Crafting CBD Labels?

Custom Made CBD Product Label

Many companies are now seeking unique ways to stand out within the increasingly crowded marketplace of cannabidiol (CBD) products. While the actual ingredients of the product need to remain static to maintain a certified identity and safe standards, the labels on the packaging can be carefully crafted to attract consumers and distinguish a brand’s items from others. But is custom label printing always necessary for preparing a quality CBD product label?

The benefits of custom label printing

Custom label printing offers visual possibilities for creating an attractive, compelling, and informative label for CBD merchandise. Such processes will often give a company the freedom to use unique shapes and sizes, special materials and finishes, and colors to bring their label designs to life. By exploiting these options, CBD brands can make a label that is eye-catching and appropriate for various purposes.

Downsides of custom label printing

While custom label printing holds clear advantages, it comes with one significant disadvantage: cost. Custom label printing tends to be more expensive than standard printing processes and can significantly add to the cost of a product. Depending on the company’s budget, the process might be unfeasible or impracticable.

Other labeling options

That being said, there are other labeling options available. For example, some companies might opt for stock labels to save money while keeping their branding intact. With these labels, the printer will generally already have designs ready for the brand to choose from. All in all, this can be a good choice for companies that are working with tight budgets.