Is Color or Black and White Packaging More Effective?

Picture of a label using textureThere are a lot of people who still cling to the old ways when it comes to supporting black and white product packaging. It’s true, this simpler, more straightforward packaging method allows for clearer communication between the manufacturer and the client, so you can easily pick up the product and read the label while avoiding any flashy design elements.


However, packaging and labeling has evolved a great deal these past few decades, and most surveys have shown that people are more likely to prefer product packaging that attracts their attention especially the cannabis labels Colorado businesses create. Lively cartoon characters, colorful landscapes and pictures that emphasize what the product is all about can be great for catching the customer’s eye and influencing them to buy whatever you’re selling.


At the same time, color packaging allows for the intelligent use of color to drive the customer’s desire and expectation. You can use green packaging, for example, to emphasize that your product is eco-friendly, or shades or pink or blue for selling gender-specific products.


Even though using color this way has more to do with psychology rather than sales, it does bring results. So, if you want your product packaging to be effective, it’s always best to use color rather than black and white packaging.