Is Color Or Black And White Packaging More Effective?

Colorful Label Choices Peel And Reveal

Product packaging is the most tangible element that a brand sends to consumers before they come into direct contact with the product. If the packaging does not attract, the attempt to start communication with the potential client fails.

However, what attracts the buyers` attention, what drives them to buy, to experiment with a new product? What does the packaging do to stimulate their interest? Maybe an unusual design or interesting graphics, a representation of a lifestyle, or a very well-defined brand image? All these elements are important, but it seems that there is one whose role is decisive, namely the color.

Colors have profound psychological implications, which cause certain reactions on the part of the receiver. Some colors are associated with certain product categories, therefore, in the design strategy of the packaging, these aspects will have to be provided.

Black is often used for high-tech and high end products. It is the color of refinement. Even a cheap lipstick, for example, looks more sophisticated if it has a black packaging. White, on the other hand, suggests purity. 75% of the skin care products are packed in white. It also represents modernity and honesty.

Studies show that although used separately, white and black are powerful colors in product marketing, color packing is over 25% more effective than black and white, take a look at some options at