Innovative Uses for Peel and Reveal Labels

peel reveal piggyback labels innovative

Simple, yet versatile, peel and reveal labels are very popular these days. In short, this smart option consists of several layers of labels, each one of them with the possibility of providing useful and relevant information for the consumers.

This is the ideal piggyback label option when you do not have enough space on your products’ containers. Therefore, these labels are particularly important for the cosmetic industry. There are a lot of various products which can enjoy the benefits of these labels, from eye creams to lip balms.

For example, an innovative use for peel and reveal labels is when you include recipes that customers can try. If they have recipe, customers are likely to use your products repeatedly, and that is precisely what manufacturers need.

And another clever use for this type of labels is for wines. Thus, you can include wine pairing references on the label. This will surely be appreciated by those who need to bring wine to a party, for instance.

Coupon and contest codes may also be used on peel and reveal labels, so you may want to consider this option too, if you want to promote your products in a more effective way. Or you can use these labels to include information about storage requirements.