Inexpensive Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

Foil Label And Packaging

Plastic might be a great, resistant and versatile packaging material, but it certainly raises challenges in terms of environment protection, therefore more and more companies are looking for alternatives to plastic packaging that provide the same efficiency and strength without polluting the environment. This turn towards environment protection has initiated research to come up with the right materials and today there are lots of great plastic alternatives available – here are some:

  • Bioplastics – plant-based plastics are made from a variety of plants, including corn. Bioplastic materials can be used for manufacturing bottles for beverages, films for packaging, food-grade pouches and many other types of packaging;
  • Bagasse – the by-product of sugarcane processing is of a consistency that makes it suitable for being molded in ways very similar to polystyrene. The material is suitable for manufacturing food delivery boxes and it is 100% biodegradable;
  • Chitosan – this innovative material is still in research phase, not yet available on the market of packaging materials. Made from the shells of crabs and prawns, the material will be suitable for packaging a variety of food products;
  • Casein – the substance is a component of milk that has been long known for its capabilities of replacing plastic, but during the last decades it was pushed to the background. The material is likely to be used in the detergent industry.  Use a label printer company such as Primeflex Labels with earth friendly techniques to go along with your earth friendly packaging.