Important Things to Know About Digital Printing

Digital printing labelDigital printing is the process of creating design-accurate printed products by means of linking the printing process with computers. The computers involved use special software packages to create the design to be printed and then to transmit the design created to the printing presses without loss of information. The technology allows for using the paper or the material to be printed on with as little loss as possible, while the use of special ink and paint make sure the printed material looks exactly like the design looked on the computer screen.  Find a Colorado label company that has the latest design capabilities.

Besides the high-quality outcome, digital printing comes with many other advantages over more traditional printing methods:

  • Reduced costs – the process does not require the use of printing plates, which reduces the costs of getting the printing job done;
  • Short turnaround time – fewer steps means shorter completion time as well;
  • Efficient for small and large orders alike – digital printing is the preferred label and package printing method of small manufacturers as the technology allows for efficiently handling smaller orders as well;
  • Easy customization – with digital printing, it is easy to modify existing designs by changing colors, adding or taking away design elements and complete design overhauls are easy to accommodate as well.