How Unique Label Shapes Can Make Your Business Stand Out

Label Shape OptionsThink of a few of the major brand names that stand out to you the most. Do they have a boring label or sign? When you walk past their main building, or visit their official website, is it forgettable? The answer is no. In fact, they stick to your mind like glue, and you can’t get them off your mind no matter what you do. That’s what happens when you use your brand name and label to your advantage.


Your business can naturally benefit a great deal from an unusually shaped label. This is not only because people tend to remember unusual shapes more easily, but also because the custom labels can be made to tell a story – namely, the story of why your business is so special.


If you own a business that promotes better plumbing solutions, you can have your business label display suggestive shapes, such as pipes or water drops. If you own a business that performs computer or electronic maintenance work, you can even shape your label in the form of a computer chip. Similarly, a food business can have round labels adorned like a pizza or a pancake. There is literally no limit to the creativity you can use.


A unique label shape will help clients link the label to your business more easily and promote you more efficiently than many other marketing and advertising techniques. Statistics show this solution can and has been effective in many cases.