How to Write Catchy Descriptions for Product Labels

Catchy Description Piggyback Label

Product descriptions are essential selling tools – the wording of the short text that you attach to your products piggyback label can prompt or discourage the sale. Whether you use your product labels to inform and attract customers in your online store or in your physical point of sale, here are a few tips for you about how to make the texts catchy:

  • Avoid vague terms, gap fillers and words that are overused – the words “nice, very, maybe, just” are either non-informative or express uncertainty and they create the impression that the seller is not sure about the quality of the product, so they are best avoided;
  • Tackle buyer’s guilt – most buyers feel guilty for spending money, especially if the product they are looking at is not something that they really need for everyday life. You can eliminate buyer’s guilt by presenting your product as something that is essential or something of high practical value and avoid words that refer to high price;
  • Keywords – if you use your product labels online, research the most relevant keywords for the product, but avoid keyword stuffing. Use the keywords in a natural way in your text and try to create a text that flows well, too;
  • Orthography – product labels are short, so you can’t afford to make spelling and grammar mistakes. Make sure to spellcheck your text and ask someone to read it before you publish it to avoid mistakes that you, as the writer of the text do not notice.