How to Work With White Space in Product Label Design

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Most business entrepreneurs don’t really appreciate the advantages that white space offers them when it comes to crafting their label designs. If you have a clear vision of what you want on your label, it can be easily ruined by the misuse of the available white space.  Working with a company such as Primeflex Labels Inc to print your labels is the best solutions.


Consider a bottle of a certain formula that has an oversaturated label full of intricate, small designs that might look interesting up close, but just look confusing and chaotic when you look at them from afar. Such a label can’t be used very successfully to sell your product.


Rather than that, it’s important to have enough white space and make sure that it’s evenly distributed on the label. Areas where there is writing and important information should be left entirely on white space and written with bold and easy to see dark fonts.


At the same time, it’s important to consider a centralized geometric design where the main graphics and/or marketing slogans will appear in the center of the label, while surrounded with a decent amount of white space on all side, and then finally also by secondary graphical elements. This layout ensures that the focus is exactly on what you want to showcase, and that people who walk around the store will be quickly captivated by your primary design.