How to Use Product Labels for Discount Coupons

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Depending on what you’re selling, there are a number of ways that product labels can be used to promote discount coupons. You’ll find that each of these methods will resonate with your strategy differently, so it’s best to consider only the ones that are actually in line with what you’re trying to achieve:


  • A method that many sellers and manufacturers prefer is that of simply creating a graphic design that is integrated into the regular label and promotes the coupon, which is provided separately.
  • Another approach has the coupon supplied together with the product and sometimes even part of the peel back labels. In other instances, it’s attached to the product but separate from the label, so that it can be removed during checkout or at the buyer’s convenience.
  • Finally, there are labels that feature the coupon as a removable part of the label itself. For these types of labels, you will be guided to either cut the coupon off with scissors or remove it as a sticker, leaving behind the intact label and a small piece of plastic that the coupon was glued to.


Each method has its own unique advantages, and it’s mostly up to you to determine which one works best in your case. When you make your decision, make sure you keep in mind what your clients might feel more comfortable with and what type of coupon they would be more drawn to, as they will be the ones who will be taking your products home.