How to Tell If Your Product Requires Flexible Packaging

Here's How Sample Pouches Work


Each industry and each product faces its own set of challenges, many of which being related to packaging. The packaging process has countless benefits when flexible packaging is used, and here is why:

The “greener”, the better

Given that the attention of modern consumers is focused on sustainability, manufacturers can no longer ignore their impact on the environment. Flexible packaging is a top choice because it requires less energy and generates a fraction of the CO2 emissions related to the production of other packaging; it also promotes recycling. In addition, 45% of manufacturers who use these packaging, admit that transport efficiency has increased.

Durability despite flexibility

Whether you need a solution to protect perishable products, resistant to tears and bumps, which prevents spoilage and protects against damage during transport, these durability components are not sacrificed when you implement a flexible packaging option.

So, if you are not sure how to tell if your product requires flexible packaging, talk to manufacturers, as they are best able to advise you about the right products for the packaging they create and let you test sample pouches in selection process. You might be amazed though, to discover that a wide range of products are actually suitable for being wrapped in flexible packaging!