How to Select the Right Label Adhesive to Keep Your Labels Secured Properly

How To select right label company

We all went through this scenario at some point: you get a product you like from a far away isle, then once you get to the cashier, you realize the label fell off and they can’t scan it. Frustrating events such as this can occur regularly if the adhesive used to put the label in place was incorrectly chosen.


To select the right label adhesive, you have to consider the following details:


  • The type of paper (or other material, like metal or plastic) that the label is made of;
  • The material of the box, jar or wrapping that the label will be placed on;
  • The shape of the container or box;
  • How likely it might be that the product’s label and packaging be handled by potential customers while it’s on display.


Aside from these considerations, you also have to make sure to read up on the manufacturer and supplier you get your adhesives from. Tracking any complaints about the adhesive or about how the manufacturer handles complaints and issues can give you some idea about whether or not you should do business with them.  In the best scenario rely on your label printing company to have done there homework at with using the correct adhesive for your specific label needs.


While a trial and error process is necessary, following these crucial points should help you get the best results and gain access to the right label adhesives to keep your product labels secure.