How to Select a Substrate for Your Product Label

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Selecting the substrate, the material that your label content will be applied on, is essential for having durable and attractive labels. Label substrates can be divided in two groups: paper, including coated, uncoated, metalized and special varieties and synthetic materials, such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester. Each of these groups includes many options, so here are some important factors to consider:

  • The application – your choice of label substrate should be informed by the type of surface that the label will be applied on. The adhesives used for attaching labels need to be suitable for the packaging – some materials work better on glass, others are more suitable for plastic or cardboard;
  • Performance – the environment to which your labels will be exposed to is also important. You need a different substrate if your labels will need to resist water, extremely hot or very cold environments and if your label will need to withstand lots of squeezing, such as shampoo bottles, you will need a solution that resists that kind of treatment;
  • Design – the amount of paint that will be used on your labels, the shape and the size of your labels will also need to be taken into consideration when choosing your substrate.  Talk with the professionals at to find out more.