How to Research Local Laws for CBD Labels

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Designing and printing labels is not going to be that hard for regular products, and with a dependable printing service, you can get it done without much fuss. However, when it comes to printing labels for CBD products, you’ll run into a lot of problems that you normally wouldn’t have to deal with.


Even though marijuana is legalized in a lot of places, it’s still highly regulated. Now, that’s good news for anyone actually using the products, but it can be a nightmare for manufacturers and printing services, as they will pretty much have their hands full.


The most important thing when researching local CBD product label laws is to keep an eye on both state laws and federal laws. While some CBD and THC products might be legally usable according to federal regulations, each state makes their own laws, so your state could still criminalize certain products and, more importantly, ban products that don’t have certain information printed on the label.


Look up the actual regulations regarding label printing and what information you’ll have to print for products sold in your local area. In most cases, it will be things like the dosage of CBD and THC and the ingredients. However, it might also have to include a specific design and color palette that is associated with marijuana, the suggested product use and the batch or date code.