How to Present Your New Ideas to a Custom Label Manufacturer

Helpful Tips Talking With Custom Label Printer New Ideas



You don’t need a lot to present your ideas to a custom label manufacturer who can then take it and run with it. These custom label printer Denver experts are used to thinking outside the box and creating beautiful designs from just a few simple prompts and concepts.


What they’ll usually need to do that is the following:


  • Some basic information about your brand and product, along with the type of product the design and label will be for and the type of label you need;
  • Information about the ingredients or required data associated with the product – such as carb and protein content for food or the age group for which a plastic toy is designed;
  • A picture of your logo along with any additional designs or graphics that you’ll want to include;
  • Your general idea of what you want the layout to look and where you want each graphical and text element to appear on the label.


By simply providing this information and having a discussion with the custom label manufacturer about your company, your product and your overall branding and vision, you can get ideal results and make sure that your labels are going to look stunning. After that it won’t take long for your first samples to be ready, and once you give them the green light, you can get all your labels in a short amount of time.