How to Make Your Cosmetics Product Standout on the Shelf

Facial product labels increase sales

There are very few product types that allow for as much creativity when it comes to packaging design as cosmetics. That freedom, however, is a curse and a blessing at the same time, a feature that makes it quite difficult to create the packaging that captures the attention of your potential customer. If you are in the process of choosing the graphics, of formulating the product description and the slogan for your cosmetic product and of figuring out the shape and the material of your packaging, here are a few tips for making your task easier:

  • Define your ideal customer and the graphics and information that your target audience resonates with;
  • Determine your brand’s personality, too and use your packaging design to create a bridge between your ideal buyer and your product;
  • Pin your ideas to a board – just grab a large notice board and lots of post-its and write words related to the image of your brand and to the feeling you want to dwell on;
  • Browse the packaging designs used by your competitors to find inspiration – you packaging should be unique, but the designs used with products similar to yours can get you started.  Some of the best packaging and labels are created by printing companies like Primeflex Labels Inc., locally owned and operated in Colorado.