How to Label and Package Fragile Items

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If the products that you manufacture and sell are fragile and need extra protection, modern packaging technologies offer a variety of great solutions for preventing any damage sustained by your product during shipping. Ideally, your custom label manufacturer and packaging company will be able to inform you about the latest materials and techniques to be used for such products – here are some of the things that your packaging partner will tell you:

  • The importance of filling materials – putting your fragile products into a larger box will not solve the problem of damage risks. Packaging products into boxes is a great way to protect them, but the fragile product can move inside the box and can get damaged if it hits the walls of the packaging box. There are several great solutions to prevent that from happening, including special foam and granules that absorb any shark coming from outside as well as inside the box.
  • Marking your boxes accordingly is essential – it is a good idea to inform your buyers that the product inside the packaging is fragile, so adding that word to the text on your labels is a good idea, see If the boxes containing your fragile products are stacked onto pallets and rubbed around with foil, it is a good idea to prepare special labels to be put on the individual pallets to indicate, but the products on the pallet are fragile as well as to inform anyone engaged into handling your products about what they should be careful with.