How to Increase Sales with Instant Redeemable Coupon Labels

digital coupon printing labels

Instant redeemable coupon labels from a digital printing Denver company (often referred to simply as IRCs) are pieces of paper that provide savings right after the purchase of the products they are attached to, usually at the point of sale. While coupon promotions nowadays use many types of coupons, such as discount coupons for future purchases and coupons that are redeemable online, IRCs are still among the most efficient coupon solutions – here are some of the features that make them really work for you:

  • They encourage instant purchases – the savings or gifts offered with IRCs can inspire customers to purchase your products even if initially they didn’t want to;
  • They encourage larger purchases – your IRCs can also convince your buyers to purchase your products in bulk;
  • They are very useful for new products – IRCs are known to be very efficient marketing tools for new product launches;
  • Promotions for multiple brands with a single label – one of the best ways to use IRCs is to offer the buyers of a particular product a discount from the price of another product. That way, your coupon will promote not one, but two products;
  • You can use IRCs to strengthen customer loyalty – offering customers membership in your loyalty reward program is also a great way to use instant redeemable coupon labels.