How to Get a Barcode, UPC and QR Code Embedded Into Your Labels

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The use of proper barcodes on labels is very important for quality control and ease of access to certain benefits and standards. If you don’t have any barcodes yet, it’s important to consider getting the essentials: UPC and QR codes imprinted from a custom label printer Denver area.


Although QR codes aren’t necessary for all products, they can be very practical, so it’s a good idea to know how to get them. You can do it by gaining access to a simple online QR code generator and go through the process depending on what you need the barcode for. The generator should also be able to give you some measure of control over the size, readability and resolution of the barcode that you’ll be printing out.


UPC barcodes on the other hand are much more challenging to obtain. “UPC” stands for Universal Product Code, and it’s basically the 12-digit code that identifies your product along with you as the vendor. These codes can be obtained only by joining the nonprofit organization that regulates them. They are known as GS1. Fortunately, the process is not very difficult, as GS1 has implemented a 10-step process that you can find on their website, and that will help you get your company prefix and paying an initial fee and a maintenance fee that will give you access to the ability to use up to 100 different UPC barcodes.