How to Effectively Label Your Beverage Product & Standout on the Shelves

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In the beverage sector, the packaging industry is very competitive, and if you want to effectively label your beverage product and make it stand out on the shelves, you have to take into account the fact that consumers expect individually designed packaging to have additional functions. In addition, nowadays, they want packaging made with environmentally friendly methods. The industry achieves this balancing act through new packaging strategies and efficient production equipment that you need to consider.

In addition, the latest trend involves stimulating emotions with new materials and finishes. For example, wine bottles are presented in gift boxes with the appearance of real wood. The packaging can also have interesting additional features, such as a miniature lamp, shade to easily convert the empty glass into a decorative table lamp etc. Therefore, exclusivity and diversity are important.

Nowadays, some companies are exploiting the new multi-packaging technology, an innovation that uses special adhesives so that PETs can be positioned individually. In the field of design, there are unusual patterns, such as glass decorated by well-known designers.

However, do not forget that the most generous packaging has benefits, but also disadvantages. The more complex the packaging, the more complicated and expensive the production, and the higher the production costs, which are eventually passed on to the customer, at higher prices.  Finding a printing company like can deliver the packaging and label strategies needed for your product.