How to Determine Your Label Unwind Position and Why Is It Important?

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The label unwind position is something that isn’t talked about that often, which is a shame considering its importance. As you know, labels are typically provided in the form of rolls. This position or orientation is the one in which the label comes off the roll, for example having to do with the specific edge or the dimension of the edge that is pointed outward as you unwind the roll.


Now, the unwind position isn’t very important if you actually hire someone to manually apply the labels onto your products. However, when using an applicator, you will find that the orientation of the label is very important. Your applicator might be designed to accommodate certain sizes and dimensions, and if your label is designed, for example, to go on a bottle, then it makes a huge difference how it’s oriented coming out of the roll. In this case, an upright orientation is preferred, as the width of the applicator might not accommodate anything above a certain size.


The order in which these issues have to be tackled have to do with the design of your label. First make sure you’re clear on the design and orientation before you buy an applicator and before you order your first set of labels. That way you can match the label unwind position to the applicator perfectly and get the process going as smoothly as possible.  Having your labels made by a custom label printing Denver company is recommended for accuracy and quality.