How to Catch a Customer’s Attention with Your Coupons

peel back labels coupons

Coupons are powerful marketing tools that help companies grow their sales and win loyal customers. However, you must pay attention to the design and contents of your peel back labels coupon. They must be attractive and meaningful for your clients, if you want them to take them to your store and redeem them.


Here are a few ways of catching customers’ attention with a coupon:


  1. Use Bold Fonts and Bright Colors

A coupon must literally pop out from the newspaper page. You need to catch a person’s visual attention first and foremost. How do your do that? With bold fonts and a range of bright, contrasting colors. It is custom practice to use red for words such as “buy”, “free” and “special”.


  1. Say Clearly What You Offer

Coupons are small pieces of paper, easy to carry in the pocket or purse. This means that you must use the space efficiently and say what the special offer consists of in simple terms, which everyone understands. Terms such as “buy one get one free” or “2 for the price of 1” are short and effective.


  1. Include a Photo of the Product

If the promotion is for a product, add its photo on the coupon. Visualizing what they will enjoy if they take your offer will determine a lot of people to make the purchase, even if it was not a planned one.