How Textured Labels Get Buyers’ Attention

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The label transmits a message that contributes to building the product’s reputation and represents a source of information. The designer can choose from a variety of colors, shapes and textures.

Textured labels get buyers’ attention for the simple fact that they are special, stand out and give the impression of quality. The texture can be realized in different ways.

Glitter embossing

For a glossy and textured appearance of the label, manufacturers can use glitter, which is composed of small particles that reflect light. In combination with a volumetric varnish, glitter helps you get labels with a durable and visible effect.

Hot stamping foil

Hot stamping foil is a popular and high quality technique that ensures rendering the finest details on different materials, including PE, PP, PVC or PA. This technique is very much appreciated by customers, as it presents a series of advantages:

Label designers for marijuana packaging Colorado and other areas have can use various colors and shades – matte, metallic or holographic – and play with rendering even the finest details. Hot stamping foil transfers onto the surface of the label, at high temperatures and pressure. Compared to the cold application, this process allows to reproduce even the smallest details to a superior degree of fidelity.

Textured labels provide spectacular and unique effects. With the help of embossing, inks and volumetric varnishes, you can get labels with innovative effects that will catch the attention of the customers.