How Should You Make Sure Your Labels Stick Properly to Products

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Knowing which type of glue to select for your labels is an entire science in and of itself. Even though most types of adhesive glues will perform their job quite well, there is a big difference between a label lasting a long time and situations where it will just come off within a few days. We all had bad experiences with taking a product off the shelf in the grocery store and realizing that the label came off like it wasn’t even glued on it. That experience can be an annoying one for any buyer, and it should definitely be avoided.


All purpose adhesives can help make sure you can stick just about any label to your products. But is it good enough for every type of label. Naturally, the material of the label and that of the box, bottle or jar that it’s supposed to stick to will make a difference, so they have to be taken into account. If you read on the label of the glue that it’s for certain specific types of materials that are not the ones you need help with, simply avoid it.


Permanent adhesives are the ones you need to look for if you want your label to last as long as possible and resist just about any attempt to remove it. Permanent adhesives are cost-effective, and they are designed to create a very strong bond with the container that you’re using, so it’s no wonder that they are practically the most popular type of adhesive on the market.  Find one of the best label printing companies in Denver at