How Peel & Reseal Labels Increase Product Freshness

How It Works Custom Peel Reveal Seal Label Printer


Many people buy different products they need without paying much attention to labels. However, once they understand the benefits of certain labeling solutions, they will likely purchase the products that feature them again, rather than buying other products with less beneficial labels.

One particular type of labeling is peel-and-reseal. As the name suggests, these labels can be peeled off to reveal the content, and resealed again, to preserve and protect the content for later use. Alternatively, they can be peeled away to reveal relevant information about the product.

In recent years, it seems that more and more products are being labeled using peel & reseal labels, from prepackaged cheese and cold cuts, to OTC medicines, sanitizing wipes, and much more.

If you consider using peel and reseal labels for your products, your customers will enjoy their benefits:

Extending product life

The shelf life of perishable products is greatly affected by exposure to the environment, once the package is opened. Peel-and-reseal labels help extend product life by creating a seal that is nearly as strong as the original label.

Improving freshness

Some products may not taste so fresh after a while, even if they are still edible. Peel & reseal labels improve the freshness of certain types of products by the same means as they increase their lifespan.  No matter the type of product, hiring the right custom label printer Denver area is very important to the success of your packaging.