How Peel and Reveal Labels Can Help Manufacturers Keep Track of Their Processes

peel back labels reveal more product information

There are certain labeling applications for which there is no necessity or legal requirement to contain a lot of information, and especially the kind of data that does not seem necessary on a single face label. For example, in the case of pharmaceutical products, multiple page type of labels is quite common.

Peel and reveal labels are, in fact, multiple-paged labels which are glued together. Thus, the customer can peel off one label and read what is written underneath. Because labeling legislation tends getting more and more demanding, peel and reveal labels can be a viable solution. At the same time, they can help manufacturers keep track of their processes and thus make sure they do not miss important stages of their work.

There are various options for peel back labels, such as tactile warning marks, which can make products stand out and attract more customers. Print and reveal labels do not get printed on sheets, so they are usually produced in specific quantities, depending on the manufacturer’s needs.

These captivating labels are made from various distinct materials and can be used on a wide range of materials, such as bottles, cans, containers, and so on.